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Social Impact Matchmakers

Join a network of sustainable organisations and social engaged employees

Social Impact Matchmakers

Social engagement leverages sustainable talent development

Social Impact Matchmakers

Black Pearl is itself the result of a match between expertise and engagement

Social Impact Matchmakers


Black Pearl is a professional matchmaking service that connects you as an employee or a business with local social enterprises. A unique assessment and matching programme offers each participant 3 guarantees: your project always fits your personal profile, your expertise has added value for the social business, and your engagement enhances your professional competences.

Want to know how that engagement looks like? On a monthly basis, you invest 4 hours of your time and know-how in a social enterprise. Together, both parties fill in the details of the collaboration – with support from Black Pearl.

Winston Churchill

  • We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Professional matching, personal approach

Black Pearl’s added value isn’t locked away in algorithms and databases, it’s in our HR expertise and in human networks. Your matching process takes place in 4 stages:

Our matching-process

1. 2. individual assessment

(4 hour + preparation)

2. 3. receipt of personal profile

(within 1 week)

3. 4. proposals of social projects

(max. 6 months)

The individual assessment identifies your norms and values, personality, competences, problem approach, expectations and deal breakers. In the assessment, we make use of proven tools and methodologies such as CoreTalents, STAR and FourSight.

After the assessment we start looking for the right social enterprise for you. Does a potential project strike a chord right away? Then you discuss the details with the social business. Afterwards, Black Pearl draws up the official agreement and hosts 2 half-yearly evaluation meetings.

If you’re not fully convinced by a proposal, we continue the search for another social enterprise – up to 6 months on end.

Charles Eames

  • Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.


The Black Pearl community consists of employees, organisations and businesses that care for people, society and the environment. It contains big corporations that implement durability into their operational processes, employees that are strengthening their social impact, and social start-ups or growing companies that professionalise their activities.

Does your social enterprise belong in this community? And do you want to tap into the combined expertise of Black Pearl? Present your organisation to us right away.

For companies

If you’re a business owner or HR manager, this challenge must sound familiar: how do you turn existing after-hours engagement into empowerment at the office? A structural partnership with Black Pearl helps you to take that leap:

  1. Your employees participate in social projects that heighten both job satisfaction and employee loyalty.
  2. Together, we decide on how Black Pearl supports your staff during a project.
  3. We facilitate the influx of acquired skills, increased self-knowledge and renewed motivation in your offices.

Herwig Huysmans, KBC Group

  • People have to become experts in themselves.

About us

Black Pearl has come to life as an answer to the same question every employee in our community has been asking himself: “How do I connect my business expertise with my social engagement?”

We are a group of HR experts that gained experiences at corporations and organisations such as Mobile School, Leren Ondernemen vzw, Colruyt, KBC and USG People. We now put that knowledge to good use by professionally matching sustainable companies, engaged employees and social businesses.


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